Bespoke Market Intelligence

Carry out research and provide impartial advice, assess the market for their products and develop or analyze strategies to enter the Nigerian market.

International Education Consulting

Counseling and placement for GCSEs, advice and provide assistance with visa and pre-departure briefing. We also organize school visits.

Scholarship Management

Through our partnership with over 200 universities around the world, we offer first rate scholarship management services to students.

Trade Missions

We provide practical assistance to companies that need to travel to their target markets to build lasting commercial relationships with clients and partners.

Events Management

World class event management for domestic, international, private, public, Governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations.

New Market Entry

We help Diplomatic Missions recruit companies to attend trade fairs/exhibitions or meet with potential partners/investors in their home country.


We provide a wide range of Consulting Services and we always make our clients happy